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Based in Austin, Texas, HCF Autosport is a leading gearbox and drivetrain component manufacturer and supplier, with emphasis on custom solutions for Ferrari, motorsports and special interest vehicles


HCF maintains direct distribution relationships with Graziano, CIMA and ZF which allow us to supply and support a range of OEM gearboxes and replacement parts


HCF sets itself apart from many other gear manufacturers in quality and precision. We use the finest aerospace alloy's and all steps for in-house HCF products are done on premises - from receiving the unprocessed alloy to cutting, heat treating, grinding, welding, laser etching, isotropic finishing processes and quality control testing

Precision Testing

Products and Services

Gearbox Components


Offering new OEM transaxles direct from the factory and custom solutions including gearbox internals, racing limited slip differentials and other drivetrain components

Transmission Rebuilding


Rebuilding service - all models, including ZF, Ricardo and Graziano gearboxes

Clutch Rebuilding and New Clutch Packages


OEM replacement and higher horsepower / endurance application needs

Sequential Paddle Shift Conversion


Sequential paddle shift conversion for the Graziano L140 gearbox

Replacement Components in Process

                            Gear teeth being cut, prior to heat treatment (note: 4x speed)

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