Lamborghni Solutions

HCF caters to the needs of the Lamborghini shop owner, transmission specialist and enthusiast.  Our solutions fall into a few categories:

- OEM gearbox replacement parts and complete gearboxes for the Lamborghni Gallardo.  Additional details on Graziano replacements can be found here - OEM replacement parts 

- Custom gearbox solutions where OEM components do not suit the intended application or are no longer available.  Additional details on custom work can be found throughout the site and here - Graziano Products  

- Clutch replacements centered around more durable kevlar linings, but also offered in traditional organic and, for motorsports applications, ceramic facings.  Offered both as custom, from scratch, kits and as a core-exchange program, additional details can be found here on the Clutch page and on model-specific pages.

Model-specific pages:

- Gallardo (coming soon)

- Huracan (coming soon)

We're always interested in discussing your needs, so please reach out to us if we can help.