Seven Speed T 1107 Transaxle

OE fitment in the Koenigsegg Agera RS, the T1107 is the ideal choice for custom vehicles that require a high torque-capable gearbox

The issue

Until recently, there did not exist a OEM fitment option to support mid-engine vehicles generating in excess of 1,000 lb-ft of torque.  A small number of gearboxes can be modified, at great expense, to work in these applications - but none have undergone the rigorous testing necessary to ensure OE levels of reliability and longevity.  For applications desiring these attributes, the T1107 is the solution.



When Koenigsegg set out to design the Agera RS, they needed a world class gearbox to match the performance expected from their latest hypercar platform. The gearbox needed to be able to withstand immense levels of torque, shift rapidly in automated form and perform to OEM reliably standards.

Developed by CIMA for the Agera RS, the T1107 transaxle was a clean-sheet design to support these criteria.  Using the highest grade alloy’s and most exacting manufacturing processes available today, it stands in a class of its own among modern mid-engine gearboxes. Officially rated for 1100nm of torque and 9000 rpms, and weighing less than 100kg, it has been used in higher output applications such as the Agera RS Gryphon with great success.

Available now for custom vehicle applications, the transaxle can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs and application. Gears are helical cut for maximum strength and can be synchronized utilizing synchro rings, dog rings or a combination of the two. Additionally, method of actuation, type of differential and centralized synchronization are available as options. It is truly one of the most advanced gearboxes ever developed.

Agera RS Gryphon

The T1107 gearbox was successfully used on the 1,360hp variant of the Agera RS and set a world record for the fastest street-legal production car



Manual or Mechatronic Actuation

Electronic Differential

Centralized Synchronization via 2nd Clutch

Final Drive: 3.454, 3.167 and 4.10

Gearbox Materials

T1107 - 7 SPEED (pdf)