Vintage Ferrari Head Gaskets

For many years, existing head gasket options for early Ferrari's have been lacking.  Poor quality and old stock, often dried out from sitting in a warehouse for decades, have led to numerous instances of leaking heads - requiring significant labor and time to correct.

Fiornao Spares observed this trend starting in the late 90s and developed a solution.  With over 250 gaskets installed, and zero gasket-related failures to date, we feel confident head gasket issues will no longer plague the marque.

Fitments include:

  - 246 Dino  

  - 250               

  - 275                

  - 308 2 valve                     

  - 308 QV                      

  - 330

  - 365                            

  - 512 BB

Each kit includes two sheets of thin acrylic which, after the protective coating is peeled away, are designed to be put on the workbench as a clean zone. 

On request, customization is available to gasket thickness and to fire ring and bore size to accommodate your application.

HCF is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Fiorano Spares' excellent line of head gaskets.

Real World Experience

Vintage Ferrari custodian Tom Yang has used Fiorano's gaskets for several years now, documenting his experience at

Installation Recommendations