Ricardo Transaxle Components


At Ford's request, Ricardo developed a six-speed transaxle for the 2005-2006 Ford GT. The resulting transaxle (M-7003-GT) has proven itself to be an excellent gearbox in the GT and one of the more capable gearboxes in 1,000+ lbft custom applications.

HCF currently supports this gearbox and offers: 

- Gearbox components to repair and improve the performance of the Ricardo gearbox.  

Currently available in inventory:

 - synchronizer rings

            - synchronizer assemblies


- Clutch replacements centered around more durable Kevlar linings, but also offered in traditional organic and, for motorsports applications, ceramic facings.  Offered both as custom, from scratch, kits and as a core-exchange program, additional details can be found here on the Clutch page and on model-specific pages.  Kevlar in this 9.5" dual disc configuration supports 1000-1200 lb-ft, depending on vehicle weight, and Ceramic 1500+ lb-ft with a heavy duty diaphragm.

We're always interested in discussing your needs, so please reach out to us if we can help.

To make an inquiry please reach us at info@hcfautoparts.com.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on additional new replacement parts for the M-7003-GT.


Ring & Pinion In Process

Blanks machined, awaiting teeth

Blanks machined, awaiting teeth and heat treatment



Grinding process



Precision testing


Ricardo R&P