Kevlar Clutch - Material Considerations

Not all clutches are created equal - and this is especially true with the various Kevlar options on the market.  After much experimentation with different Kevlar products, we've found superior results with a 100% textile Kevlar composite facing.  The only material of it's kind, it is:

- patented and manufactured exclusively in the US,

- designed to work both wet and dry, and

- outperforms other Kevlar facings in terms of disc wear, engagement, chatter and flywheel abrasiveness

This composite's unique blend of materials, process of manufacture and friction properties cannot be duplicated by others trying to mold Kevlar pulp into high energy clutch facings.  In both our rebuild program and new clutch packages, HCF uses only this textile Kevlar composite in our disc facings.  


For street applications under 750 lb-ft of torque seeking a smoother engagement, Kevlar composite discs are a great option.  For racing conditions or vehicles making up to 1100 lb-ft, we recommend our Ceramic disc option.  We can also offer a high quality traditional organic disc with any of our kits, on request.


Real World Example

Click below to see a 6 year case study on a clients Ferrari 512TR using the same Kevlar composite facing that's used in our clutch kits and rebuild program

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Kevlar Clutch - Models Supported


365 GT4 BB / BB 512 / BB 512i / BBLM


512TR / 512M / 456 / 550 / 575 / 612 

F355 - Manual and F1 configurations

360 - Manual and F1 configurations

430 - Manual and F1 configurations

Ferrari Part Numbers:  194775, 135076, 136006, 109460, 110558, 121562, 109382, 157754, 201680, 222090


Gallardo - Manual and E-Gear configurations

Lamborghini Part Numbers:   07L105269G, 07L105269F 


R8 - Manual and ASM configurations

Audit Part Numbers:   079141011E, 079141011C, 07L141011L 

Aston Martin

Coming soon!

Kevlar Clutch Package

Kevlar Dual Clutch Discs


Shown here in Lamborghini / R8 fitment, we offer single

 and triple disc packages, as well, and can deliver them with segmented or full face discs.  

Patented Kevlar composite facings above.


Aluminum pressure plate lid


Patented Kevlar composite facings

Custom Flywheels


Custom flywheels available for all fitments, made in the USA from steel or aluminum.  Option for replaceable friction insert available.


Example installed, with clutch assembly and ring gear

Kevlar Disc Real World Example


512TR / 550 Maranello Kevlar Composite Clutch Disc

Rebuilt OEM disc with segmented facings.  As installed during engine-out service in 2011. 


1 year later - disc condition

A little over a year later the gearbox was damaged and developed an oil leak, necessitating a tear down.  Clutch disc showed virtually no wear and, as this particular Kevlar fiber composite material is designed to work wet or dry, it did not need to be replaced. 


6 years later - disc condition

In 2017 the gearbox main shaft broke, providing the opportunity to inspect the clutch components.  Minimal 0.5mm of wear noted from new.